CC2531 USB Dongle Reference Design (CC2531USB-RD)

The CC2531USB-RD provides a PC interface to 802.15.4 / ZigBee applications. The dongle can be plugged directly into your PC and can be used as an IEEE 802.15.4 packet sniffer or for other purposes. With the CC2531 USB Firmware Library available on the web you can develop your own software to utilize this part. To program the dongle, an external programmer (e.g. the CC debugger or SmartRF05EB) is required. This is not included in the kit. The USB dongle can be used as a reference module for prototyping of USB devices and for testing the RF performance of CC2531 with a small size PCB antenna.


CC2531 USB Firmware Library and Examples (downloadable from web) RemoTI, TIMAC and Z-Stack for CC2530 SmartRF® Studio, Packet Sniffer and Flash Programmer


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CC2531 USB Dongle Reference Design CC2531USB-RD

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