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ZLL Remote Control Reference Design (CC2530ZLLRC-RD)

The Texas Instruments ZLLRC Reference Design allows simple and direct control of lamps on a ZigBee Light Link network. It is intended to control a sub-group of lamps on the network, such as the lamps in a room in your house. It creates its own group consisting of the lamps it has touch linked with. These can be added/removed later. It has 14 buttons that allow control of state (on/off), hue, saturation, level, target selection and scenes. The ZLLRC is supported by the Z-Stack Lighting 1.0.2 release and higher. It is based on the CC2530 System on Chip (SoC), which has a ZigBee radio integrated. It has an on board PIFA PCB antenna fed through an integrated balun. To improve battery life, the CR2025 battery voltage is converted to 2.1V using the TPS62730 DCDC converter.


Low power ZLL remote control design Inverted F PCB antenna 14 buttons 4 LEDs Buzzer for user feedback CR2025 battery FCC/IC/CE compliant


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ZLL Remote Control Reference Design CC2530ZLLRC-RD

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