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CC2430DB Reference Design (CC2430DB_REFDES)

The CC2430DB reference design contains schematics and layout files for the CC2430DB module used in development kits. The reference design demonstrates good techniques for CC2430 decoupling and RF layout. For optimum RF performance, these parts should be copied accurately. This is a 4-layer reference design with a discrete/microstrip balun and an inverted F PCB antenna. In addition to the RF part, this design contains a USB connector and a number of IO units. Most of the CC2430 application examples are using this HW platform.


Схемы и диаграммы

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Используемые компоненты

Производитель: Texas Instruments
CC2430-CC2591EMK CC2430-CC2591EMK Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

The CC2430-CC2591EMK consists of two CC2430-CC2591EM Evaluation Modules. These modules can be used together with a SmartRF®04 Evaluation Board to evaluate the chip, do RF testing and for prototyping. Also the output power can be increased to around +20dBm, and sensitivity will be improved by up to 6 dB compared with the CC2430 stand alone evaluation module. PDF ИНФО
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