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Bluetooth and MSP MCU Audio Source Reference Design (BT-MSPAUDSOURCE-RD)

The Bluetooth and low-power MSP microcontroller Audio Source reference design can be used by customers to create a variety of applications for low-end, low-power audio source solutions for applications including toys, projectors, smart remotes and any audio streaming accessories. This reference design is a cost-effective audio implementation and with full design files provided allows you to focus your efforts on application and end product development. This reference design also provides the TI Bluetooth Stack.


Enables Bluetooth audio (SBC encode/decode) with low cost, low power MSP430F5229 Microcontroller MCU Design offloads audio processing from MCU to the Bluetooth device which enables low power audio Cost-effective low endwireless audio solution with a four layer layout and QFN packages Core of the solution is TI's SimpleLink™ CC2564 which offers best-in-class Bluetooth performance (+12dBm output power) leading to robust connection over long range CC256x and TI Bluetooth Stack both have Bluetooth Subsystem QDIDs allowing you to only need a Bluetooth End Product Listing This circuit design is tested and includes firmware, demo and wiki page for quick start guide


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Bluetooth and MSP MCU Audio Source Reference Design BT-MSPAUDSOURCE-RD

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