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BM78 PICtail Plus (BM-78-PICTAIL)

BM78 PICtail/PICtail Plus Board provides rapid prototyping and developing for Bluetooth data applications for Classic SPP or Bluetooth Low Energy. It can be powered via USB host or external battery. The BM-78-PICtail utilizes the BM78 module, a fully certified Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode RF module supporting Bluetooth Classic SPP (Serial Port Profile) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), to provide a Bluetooth serial data connection. The BM-78-PICtail provides a USB to UART converter allowing a flexible interface to the host PC, a PC terminal utility, and Smartphone Apps to drive both classic SPP and BTLE data connections.


    • Fully certified on board Bluetooth 3.0+EDR and Bluetooth 4.2 stack
    • Class 2 transmitter, +2dBM typical
    • Transparent serial data connection over Bluetooth Classic Serial Port Profile (SPP) and Bluetooth Low Energy transparent serial data service
    • Automatic configuration mode for quick setup (default)
    • Manual configuration mode where MCU can access configuration settings
    • Embedded MCP2200 USB-UART converter, no need for extra converter board or cable
    • Integrated programming interface to update firmware and configuration settings


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BM78 PICtail Plus BM-78-PICTAIL

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