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BM77 Bluetooth Dual Mode PICtail™/PICtail Plus Board (BM-77-PICtail)

The BM77 PICtail™/PICtail Plus Board is a Bluetooth® Dual Mode development board that showcases the Microchip BM77 module, a fully-certified Bluetooth Version 4.0 Dual Mode module that supports both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy. This flexible development board includes a convenient USB interface for plug-and-play capability in standalone mode and has a PICtail™/PICtail Plus interface for connecting to Microchip development boards. The board also includes on-board connection and data status LEDs.

To facilitate rapid development and prototyping, a BM77 driver is also provided for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers. The BM77 PIC MCU driver provides a programming API for BM77 configuration and control functions. The driver is fully-compatible with MPLAB® X and the BM77 PICtail™/PICtail Plus interface.


    • Enables rapid development with the BM77 Dual Mode Module
    • PICtail™ and PICtail Plus interfaces for connection to Microchip Explorer 16 (DM240001) , PIC32 I/O Expansion board (DM320002) or PIC18 Explorer (DM183032) development boards
    • Configuration Library for PIC18, PIC24F and PIC32 to enable easy integration
    • Onboard connection and data status LEDs
    • Onboard USB to UART bridge for easy development from PC


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BM77 Bluetooth Dual Mode PICtail™/PICtail Plus Board BM-77-PICtail

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