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BM70 Bluetooth PICtail/PICtail Plus Board (BM-70-PICtail)

The BM-70-PICtail/PICtail Plus Board is designed to emulate the function of Microchip's BM70 BLE module. It also enables the customer to evaluate and demonstrate the capabilities of the BM70 BLE module. The board includes an integrated configuration and programming interface for plug-and-play capability. It also provides an integrated test environment for all functions supported in the BM70 BLE module. The development kit includes the BM70BLES1FC2 module and the BM70BLES1FC2 carrier board.


    • Bluetooth® 4.2 Compliant BM70 module with on-board antenna and 2dBm output power
    • Develop immediately using the USB interface and Microchip’s Windows-based Configuration Tool
    • PICtail interface for connection to Microchip’s most popular Microcontroller development platforms, such as Explorer16
    • USB indication, module status and User configurable LEDs
    • Coin cell Battery, USB or PICtail power options
    • Access to all BM70 Module pins


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BM70 Bluetooth PICtail/PICtail Plus Board BM-70-PICtail

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