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ADS1202 Reference Design (ADS1202REF)

The ADS1202 reference design provides two isolated ADS1202 circuits for a variety of applications. It includes a Sinc3 filter implemented in a Xilinx® XC2S150 FPGA. Optional optocouplers can be used to provide electrical isolation. The modular form factor of the reference design allows direct evaluation of the ADS1202 performance and operating characteristics. This reference design is compatible with the 5-6K interface board from Texas Instruments. See the 5-6K Interface Board User's Guide (literature number SLAU104) for more information.


Xilinx 150,000 Gate Spartan II FPGA - SC2S150 Two analog channels, with independent ADS1202 circuits JTAG interface, ISP capable SPI or McBSP operation


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