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UCS1003-1 Evaluation Board (ADM00668)

The UCS1003-1 Evaluation Board provides the ability to evaluate the features of the UCS1003-1 USB Port Power Controller with Charger Emulation. The board allows the UCS1003-1 to be tested in different configurations by populating jumpers on specific header locations. The Evaluation Board contains the MCP2221 USB to I2C bridge, which allows communication via USB between the UCS1003-1 and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) running on the PC. The GUI gives read/write access to all UCS1003-1 registers and has advanced evaluation features like:
• real time register monitoring
• graphical display of current and charge delivered to the attached portable device
• easy interface for custom charging emulation configuration registers
• the ability to save and load register configuration
• a demo routine that shows an external controller logic to apply custom emulation profiles and optimize charging current


    • Configuration of the UCS1003-1 through jumpers on specific header locations (selection of Active Mode, SMBus address, current limit, communication mode, supply path)
    • The Graphical User Interface running on PC allows advanced configuration and monitoring of UCS1003-1 registers
    • Test points for monitoring the handshakes on USB data lines (DP, DM)
    • LEDs that turn on when a portable device is attached, the alert signal is active and when I2C and USB communication occurs with the MCP2221 USB to I2C bridge
    • 5V supply path selection: from external AC-DC 5V 3A wall adapter or from the USB host (if it has the current capability), supply paths of UCS1003-1 (Vs and VDD) tied together or separated
    • USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible (the evaluation board supports USB 3.0 data pass-through)


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UCS1003-1 Evaluation Board ADM00668

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