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MCP6N16 Evaluation Board (ADM00640)

This evaluation board is designed to provide an easy and flexible platform when evaluating the performance of the MCP6N16, a Zero-Drift instrumentation amplifier designed for low-voltage operation featuring rail-to-rail input and output performance. The evaluation board is populated with the MCP6N16-100, which is optimized for gains of 100V/V or higher. If one of the other gain option models is desired (e.g. MCP6N16-001 for gain of ≥1V/V, or the MCP6N16-010 for gain of ≥10V/V), exchanging the DUT and adjusting the gain setting resistors can easily be accomplished with standard soldering tools.
The fully assembled evaluation board includes differential input filtering, two jumper selectable gain settings and output filtering, in addition to an external voltage reference circuit to allow for an adjustable output common-mode level shifting.


    • Fully populated evaluation board provides for a variety of configuration options
    • The evaluation board features the MCP6N16-100, which is optimized for Gains of 100V/V or higher
    • MCP6N16 can be operated on a single-supply (1.8V to 5.5V)
    • Sensors can be connected in either a 2-, 4-, or 6-wire configuration
    • Potentiometer adjustable voltage reference allows for level-shifting the output of the MCP6N16
    • Jumper-configurable gains of 101V/V and 301V/V
    • The DUT footprint is for the MSOP-8 package option


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MCP6N16 Evaluation Board ADM00640

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