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MCP25625 PICTail Plus Daughter Board (ADM00617)

The MCP25625 PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board is a simple Controller Area Network(CAN) board designed to be used with boards containing the PICtail Plus connector.The board also has the PICkit™ Serial connector for interfacing to the PICkit SerialAnalyzer tool.The single-chip solution CAN node consists of the MCP25625 CAN Controller withIntegrated Transceiver. The PICkit Plus and PICkit Serial connectors allow the boardto be interfaced to a variety of PIC® microcontrollers so that the user can develop a CANnode.The board also contains headers and test points for most of the MCP25625 pins that allowthe external functions to be monitored/evaluated. Additionally, there are multiple externalcomponents and jumper configurations for added flexibility.


    • Stand-alone CAN controller & transceiver integrated into a single chip
    • PICtail Plus connector for interfacing with the Explorer 16 and other main boards that have this connector
    • DB9 connector for interconnecting CAN networks using the de facto standard pinout
    • Footprint for terminal block connector for the CAN bus
    • Test points for the MCP25625 pins


Спецификация (BOM)

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MCP25625 PICTail Plus Daughter Board ADM00617

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