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MCP8025 TQFP BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Board Kit (ADM00600)

The MCP8025 TQFP BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Board demonstrates Microchip’s 3-Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Gate Driver with Power Module, MCP8025, used in a BLDC motor drive application. When used in conjunction with a microcontroller, the MCP8025 will provide the necessary drive signals to drive for a 3-Phase BLDC motor. The MCP8025 contains the high-side and low-side drivers for external N-channel MOSFETs. A dsPIC33EP256MC504 processor is used to supply the PWM inputs to the MCP8025 as well as handle the high-speed Analog-To-Digital Conversion (ADC) required for 50 kHz PWM operation. The MCP8025 UART interface is used to configure the MCP8025 device and to send fault information to the dsPIC ® DSC controller. The evaluation board firmware uses a 6-step trapezoidal drive control algorithm to demonstrate the MCP8025 capabilities.


    • Input Operating Voltage Range: +6.0V to +19V
    • Pre-programmed dsPIC33EP256MC504
    • Drives up to a 15A BLDC motor
    • ON/OFF momentary contact switch
    • Reset momentary contact switch
    • Spare user-programmable momentary contact switch
    • PWM signal LED indicators
    • PICkit 3 and MPLAB ICD 3 debugger interfaces
    • Speed control potentiometer
    • Terminal block for 5V and 12V Hall-effect sensors
    • LIN terminal block for user communications use
    • Configurable external MOSFET overcurrent protection
    • Configurable PWM dead-time protection
    • Configurable PWM blanking time for current switching spikes
    • Complete “C” source code (provided on the board web page)


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MCP8025 TQFP BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Board Kit ADM00600

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