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PAC1921 High Side Power and Current Monitor Evaluation Board (ADM00592) (ADM00592)

The PAC1921 is a dedicated power monitoring device with a configurable analog output. This device is unique in that all power related information is available on the 2-wire/I2C© compatible interface and power, current, or voltage is available on the analog output.. ThePAC1921 High-Side Current/Power Sensor Evaluation Board package provides users with the means to exercise device functionality while connected either to target systems (Sys Mode) or while utilizing onboard sources (Demo Mode).


    The evaluation system is comprised of the ADM00592 and a LabView based applicationwhich allows the user the following:

    • View and change register values
    • Save of settings of all registers allowing for quick configuration at a later time
    • Graphing of any register

    The hardware platform provides the following features to the user:

    • Headers for connecting a Sense Resistor
    • USB-to-SMBus bridge for communications
    • Capability to connect directly to an external SMBus master


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