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EMC1182 Temp Sensor Evaluation Board (ADM00516)

The EMC1182 Temp Sensor Evaluation Board provides the means to demonstrate all of the EMC1182 features, and allows to view and modify registers. LEDs indicating status information and test points are included to enable system voltages monitoring, using a voltmeter or an oscilloscope. The board requires only one universal serial bus (USB) connection to power the board. The USB-to-SMBus bridge regulates the +5V USB power to +3.3V used by the EMC1182 and other evaluation board circuitry.


    Headers for connecting an external diode or CPU/GPU

    Resistance Error Correction verification

    USB-to-SMBus bridge for power and communications

    Capability to connect directly to an external SMBus master

    Accompanying Chip Manager software allows for viewing, changing, and saving of register values


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EMC1182 Temp Sensor Evaluation Board ADM00516

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