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MCP1642 High Current Boost Converter (ADM00460)

The MCP1642B/D High-Current Synchronous Boost Converter Evaluation Board isused to evaluate and demonstrate Microchip’s MCP1642B/D products. The board canbe used to evaluate both package options (MSOP-8 and 2 x 3 mm DFN-8). The MCP1642B/D is capable of regulating the output voltage over 1.8V to 5.5Vrange and typically can deliver over 400 mA of load current at 3.3V output whensupplied from a single 1.5V cell.The Evaluation Board was developed to help engineers reduce the product design cycle time.


    • Start-up voltage: 0.65V at VOUT = 3.3V and IOUT = 1mA, resistive load
    • Input voltage range after start-up, VIN: 0.35V up to VOUT – 200-300 mVrecommended headroom
    • Adjustable output voltage range: 1.8V to 5.5V, set by a resistor divider on board(bottom application using MCP1642B-ADJ)
    • Fixed 3.3V output voltage (using the fixed output voltage MCP1642D-33)
    • Output current: typical 200 mA @ 3.3V Output, 1.2V Input or 800 mA @ 5.0VOutput, 3V Input
    • Output Disconnect (MCP1642B)
    • Input-Output Bypass (MCP1642D)
    • PWM Operation
    • PWM Switching Frequency = 1 MHz
    • Enable state, Power Good, Switch test points on board
    • Peak Input Current Limit of 1.8A
    • Overtemperature protection (if the die temperature exceeds +150°C, +35°Chysteresis)


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MCP1642 High Current Boost Converter ADM00460

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