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RE46C190 Demo Board (ADM00344)

The demo board is a complete stand-alone smoke detector application with a smoke chamber emulator. The demo board allows evaluation of all the functions of the RE46C190. Key test points of the device are available at the bottom edge of the demo board. It is designed for battery operation using a CR123A battery or can be operated using a power supply. The RE46C190 application circuit is on the right side of the board by the battery holder and piezo horn and the smoke chamber emulator is on the left. The smoke chamber emulator can be disconnected from the application circuit and a photo smoke chamber or its components can be connected to the demo board.

Devices Supported: RE46C190


  • The demo board allows quick and easy evaluation of the RE46C190
  • Typical RE46C190 Application Circuit
  • Smoke Chamber Emulator
  • Adjustment for Smoke Density
  • Adjustment for Low Battery Testing
  • Preprogrammed parts adjusted for smoke chamber emulator characteristics


Тесты и симуляция

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RE46C190 Demo Board ADM00344

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