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MCP47X6 PicTail Plus Daughter Board (ADM00317)

The MCP47X6 PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board allows customers to evaluate the capabilities of the MCP4726, MCP4716, and MCP4706 devices. This board can be controlled by the MCU of the Explorer 16 Development Board (P/N: DV164033) or by a PICkit™ Serial Analyzer. The board also provides easy access via test points to desired signals to monitor device operation. A buzzer is supplied that is connected to the output of the MCP4726, which allows generation of an audible sound. The buzzer has a volume control.

Devices Supported: MCP4726, MCP4716, and MCP4706


  • Explorer 16 Development Board Interface and Firmware
  • PICkit™ Serial Analyzer Interface
  • MCP4726, MCP4716, and MCP4706 devices
  • Easy access to desired signals of the MCP47x6 device


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MCP47X6 PicTail Plus Daughter Board ADM00317

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