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EERAM IВІC PICtail Kit (AC500100)

The EERAM I²C PICtail™ Kit demonstrates the features and abilities of the 47C04 and 47L16 I²C EERAM devices in standard development platforms. By designing this daughter board with the PICtail Plus and mikroBUS™ connectors, it will operate with the Explorer 8 Development Board, the Explorer 16/32 Development Board, and many other tools. Package contents includes an Info Sheet and two EERAM I²C PICtail Plus Daughter Boards: (a) 47C04 (4 Kbit, 5V EERAM) and (b) 47L16 (16 Kbit, 3.3V EERAM).

This development kit is coming soon and will be available for purchase in January 2017.


    • 4 Kbit and 16 Kbit I²C serial EERAM devices
    • Follows the published recommended capacitor selection for the EERAM device
    • Test points with probe loops for SCL, SDA, VCC and GND
    • On-board pull-ups for I²C bus operation
    • SMD jumper options for 3.3V and 5V operation
    • On-board RC filter ensures VCC ramp rate adheres to data sheet requirements
    • 0.1" two-way jumper for VCAP/VCC operation
    • PICtail™ Plus and mikroBUS™ connectors


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