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MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor (AC244008)

The MPLAB REAL ICE POWER MONITOR enables designers to identify and eliminate code that consumes high current, in real time. Combined with the MPLAB REAL ICE in-circuit emulator and MPLAB X IDE, this development platform allows users to measure, graphically profile and optimize code power consumption for all of Microchip’s more than 1000 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit PIC® microcontrollers. Additionally, it offers unsurpassed micro-Amp current measurement, with an overall dynamic range up to 1 Amp, and a voltage range of 1.25V to 5.5V, making it ideal for a broad range of battery-powered, digital power-supply, motor-control and metering applications.


  • Current from 1uA to 1A
  • Voltage from 1.25V to 5.5V
    o Adds feature to MPLAB REAL ICE in-circuit emulator (up to 1A)
  • Timestamp
    o Great for finding current related code issues
    o 10MHz time base (100ns resolution)

  • Power breakpoint capability
    o Break when current exceeds a specified threshold

  • Configurable digitization sampling rate
    o 1Mhz acquisition, 10-bit resolution
    o 500khz acquisition, 12-bit resolution

    Advanced Features Coming Soon:
  • Graph current, voltage, time vs. code execution
  • Uses data streaming capability of MPLAB REAL ICE in-circuit emulator
  • Interleaved with “instrumented” function entry-PC and Timestamp within FPGA to allow code correlation
  • Intelligence
    o Perform statistical computations of measurements
    - Max, Min, Average, High, Low, Standard Deviation
  • Replaces/Enhances Trigger IO Port
    o 8 different, independent direction control lines
    o Input Halt events
    - Connect to target logic to assist in debugging
    - Connect to microcontroller output pin to initiate a voltage sampling trigger
    o Output test points
    - Connect to external instrumentation (arm trigger of scope)


MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor AC244008

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