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MM7150 Motion Module Evaluation Board (AC243007)

The MM7150 Motion Module PICtail™/PICtail Plus Evaluation Board allows customers to easily develop motion applications using Microchip's 16- and 32-bit PIC® microcontrollers. The MM7150-PICtail combines motion sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope) with a motion coprocessor with integrated sensor fusion. The MM7150-PICtail allows engineers to speed designs to market and reduce the risk of launching motion based embedded and internet-of-things (IOT) applications.

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    • Easily develop motion monitoring applications
    • Plugs directly into Explorer 16 board (Part Number: DM240001)
    • Outputs raw sensor data, compensated sensor data, and positioning data
    • Features
      • SSC7150 Motion Coprocessor with integrated sensor fusion algorithms
      • 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis gyroscope


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MM7150 Motion Module Evaluation Board AC243007

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