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Evaluation Kit for the 78Q2123 and 78Q2133 (78Q2123-DB) (78Q2123-DB)

The 78Q21x3-DB is a design example for a 10/100BASE-TX Mbit/second Fast Ethernet MII Interface adaptor. A 78Q2123 or 78Q2133 MicroPHY transceiver from Teridian provides the network physical interface and MII (Medium Independent Interface) interface.

Teridian Semiconductor's MicroPHY is an auto-sensing, auto-switching 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet transceiver with full duplex operation capability. The device interfaces directly to the IEEE®-802.3u MII port. Full-featured MII management functions are included along with an extended register set. The MicroPHY five bit PHY address is defaulted to 0x001. The MicroPHY interfaces to CAT5 UTP cable via a 1:1 transformer.

The transceiver's transmitter includes on-chip the pulse shaper and low power line driver. The receiver incorporates a sophisticated combination of real-time adaptive equalization, an adaptive DC offset adjustment circuit and baseline wander correction. Smart squelch circuitry further improves the receiver's noise rejection. Full featured auto-negotiation or parallel detect modes are supported.

The demo board requires operation with a +3.3V power supply.


  • MicroPHY MII Demo Board
  • Demo Board Parts List
  • P.C.B. Gerber Files
  • Demo Board Schematic
  • MicroPHY Data Sheet


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