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73S8024C Demo Board (73S8024C-DB) (73S8024C-DB)

The 73S8024C Demo Board is a platform for evaluating the Teridian 73S8024C Smart Card Interface device. The board incorporates the 73S8024C integrated circuit and has been designed to operate either as a standalone platform (to be used in conjunction with an external microcontroller) or as a daughter card to be used in conjunction with the 73S1121F evaluation platform.

The board has been designed to comply with the EMV 2000 Specification, Version 4.0. 73S8024C Demo Boards can easily be modified to comply with NDS specifications by replacing a few external components that are highlighted in this document.


  • A 73S8024C Demo Board
  • The following documents on CD:
    • 73S8024C Data Sheet
    • 73S8024C Demo Board User Manual (this document)
    • Application Note


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