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73S1217F Evaluation Board Lite (73S1217F-EB-LITE) (73S1217F-EB-LITE)

The Teridian Semiconductor Corporation (TSC) 73S1217F Evaluation Board Lite is used as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of the 73S1217F Smart Card Controller devices. It has been designed to operate either as a standalone or a development platform.

The 73S1217F Evaluation Board Lite can be programmed to run any of the Teridian turnkey applications or a user-developed custom application. Teridian provides its USB CCID application preloaded on the board and an EMV testing application on the CD.

Applications can be downloaded through the In-Circuit-Emulator (ICE) or through the TSC Flash Programmer Model TFP2. As a development tool, the Evaluation Board Lite has been designed to operate in conjunction with an ICE to develop and debug 73S1217F based embedded applications.


  • 73S1217F Evaluation Board Lite: 4-layer, square PWB as shown in Figure 1 in the full data sheet, containing the 73S1217F with the preloaded turnkey USB CCID application.
  • USB cable, A-B, male, 2 meters.
  • CD containing documentation (data sheet, board schematics, BOM and layout), Software API libraries, evaluation code and utilities.


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