Razor 4 Wheel Drive Robot (ORION ROBOTICS)

Наименование Razor 4 Wheel Drive Robot
Артикул 883647

Razor 4 Wheel Drive Robot (Electronics Options: none, Remote Control Options: none, Gearmotor 300rpm 12V 30:1 Ratio) Description The Razor 4WD is an all wheel drive robot. Steering is accomplished using differential drive. The suspension incorperates standard RC shock absorbers giving the Razor 4WD high speed maneuverability. The Razor 4WD body plates include several add on hardware mounting points. You can easily store additional batteries for extended operation. Electronics can be hidden in between body plates for additional protection. Servo assemblies can easily be added to several attachment points throughout the body plates. The Razor 4WD comes in a kit that includes all the brackets, motors, wheels and hardware required to assemble and operate the kit. Electronics and controller are sold separately. Features - Arduino Based - USB Connectivity - Free PC Software - Optional PS2 Control or R/C - All Metal Construction