MCP16301T-I/CHY (Microchip Technology Inc. )

Наименование MCP16301T-I/CHY
Производитель Microchip Technology Inc. (MCRCH)
Артикул 851761
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Производитель: MCRCH
Даташит для MCP16301T-I/CHY, Microchip Technology Inc.
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The MCP1630 Dual Synchronous Buck Regulator demo board is a dual output programmable power supply capable of 20A per output. Both outputs switch at 500 kHz 180° out of phase while powered from a +12V-input source. Additional features include programma

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The MCP1630 Automotive Input Boost Converter Demo Board demonstrates Microchip's high-speed pulse width modulator used for automotive applications. When used in conjunction with a microcontroller, the MCP1630/V devices will control the power system duty c

ADM00399 (MCRCH)
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The MCP16301 High Voltage Buck-Boost Demo Board is designed to operate from a 5V to 30V input and regulate the output to 12V. Test points for input power and load are provided to demonstrate the capability of the demo board over the entire range. The MCP1

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The MCP1630 SEPIC Automotive LED Driver Reference Design is a step-up/down, Switch mode, DC-DC converter used for powering LED applications. The demo board provides a 350 mA (700 mA, with hardware modification) constant current source. Other output curren

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Low Cost NiMH Battery Charger board preprogrammed to charge 3 NiMH cells. Charge profile and number of batteries can be changed with firmware. The design uses the MCP1630 High-Speed Analog PWM combined with the PIC microcontroller. Charge current is initi

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The MCP1630 Multi-Bay Li-Ion Charger is used to evaluate MICROCHIP’s MCP1630 used in a SEPIC power converter application. The MCP1630 Multi-Bay Li-Ion Charger is capable of charging two single-cell, Li-Ion battery packs in parallel utilizing an inpu

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