Gyro Breakout Board - IDG1215 Dual 67 (SparkFun Electronics)

Наименование Gyro Breakout Board - IDG1215 Dual 67
Производитель SparkFun Electronics(SPARKFUN)
Артикул 820131
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Gyro Breakout Board - IDG1215 Dual 67°/s Description: Replacement: There is no direct replacement for this board, but look around the Gyros category for alternatives. This page is for reference only. This is the breakout board for the IDG1215, which includes an on-board 2.8V regulator and all pins broken out to 0.1" pin holes.The IDG-1215 is an integrated dual-axis angular rate sensor (gyroscope). It uses InvenSense's proprietary and patented MEMS technology with vertically driven, vibrating masses to make a functionally complete, low-cost, dual-axis angular rate sensor. All required electronics are integrated onto a single chip with the sensor. The IDG-1215 gyro uses two sensor elements with novel vibrating dual-mass bulk silicon configurations that sense the rate of rotation about the X- and Y-axis (in-plane sensing). This results in a unique, integrated dual-axis gyro with guaranteed-by-design vibration rejection and high cross-axis isolation. It is specifically designed for demanding consumer applications requiring low cost, small size and high performance. The IDG-1215 gyro includes the integrated electronics necessary for application-ready functionality. It incorporates X- and Y-axis low-pass filters and an EEPROM for on-chip factory calibration of the sensor. Factory trimmed scale factors eliminate the need for external active components and end-user calibration. This product is lead-free and Green Compliant. Not sure which gyro is right for you? Our Accelerometer and Gyro Buying Guide might help! Features: 3-7V single-supply operation Integrated X- and Y-axis gyros on a single chip +/-67 degrees/second full-scale range 15mV/degree/second sensitivity Integrated amplifiers and low-pass filters Auto-Zero function On-chip temperature sensor High vibration rejection over a wide frequency range High cross-axis isolation by proprietary MEMS design Hermetically sealed for temp and humidity resistance 10,000 g shock tolerant

Производитель: SPARKFUN