The DaVinci Arduino Compatible (ORION ROBOTICS)

Наименование The DaVinci Arduino Compatible
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The DaVinci is an Arduino compatible board with several unique features to facilitate its use in robotics. The DaVinci includes a 2 pin screw terminal for use with batteries as the primary power source. It also includes a jumper to set RTS or DTR as the reset signal. In addition it includes a low profile USB connector. This prevent the USB connector from interfering with over sized shields. The DaVinci also includes dual mount pattern which makes it functional with existing projects and compatible with mounting in robotics. Downloads The DaVinci The new DaVinci is a 100% Arduino compatible board. It was designed to support standard shields and work in robotics systems. The main features are the improved regulators, low profi le capacitors, low profile USB connector and screw terminals for power. The low profile parts prevent interference with all shields. The additional mount pattern fits a standard mount for currently available robots. The DaVinci ships with a pre-programmed socketed Atmel. The reset control can be set by jumper to DTR or RTS control. Standard TX , RX and ON leds are on board. Improved regulators were used to decrease drop out voltages. The TX / RX from the Arduino can be removed from circuit to isolated the Arduinos only UART. Documentation Arduino is a 100% open source solution. Hardware and software. In keeping with that tradition we have included the schematics to this board at the end of the data sheet. All programming documentation is supplied by the Arduino community. The Arduino IDE and programming guides can be downloaded from http:///

Arduino Uno - R3 [Original] (ARDUINO)

Arduino Uno - R3 Версия R3 отличается от предыдущих версий конвертером USB-UART на базе ATmega16U2 вместо ранее используемых чипов 8U2 и FTDI. В качестве загрузчика устанавливается OptiBoot 4.4.…

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Arduino Uno - R3 - Версия R3 отличается от предыдущих версий конвертером USB-UART на базе ATmega16U2 вместо ранее используемых чипов 8U2 и FTDI

Venom Hexapod Robot (ORIONROB)
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Venom Hexapod Robot (Digital Servo HV220, Orion Servo Shield for Arduino, controller The DaVinci Arduino Compatible) Перед вами набор для сборки шестиногого ядовитого робота-паука на базе ARDUINO, включающего в себя корпус из анодированного алюминия, 18 цифровых сервоприводов HV220 с обратной связью, ARDUINO совместимый микроконтроллер DaVinci и плату управления сервомашинками Orion Shield на 32 выхода, 24 из которых находятся на самой плате, а остальные 8 интегрируются от DaVinci контроллера.…

Rover Shield for Arduino (ORIONROB)
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Rover Shield for Arduino Двухканальный контроллер моторов постоянного тока для Arduino совместимых микроконтроллеров от Orion Robotics. Может управлять 2 двигателями постоянного тока до 3amps на канал.…