UCC38500EVM (Texas Instruments)

Наименование UCC38500EVM
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 70309
Производитель компонента
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The UCC38500 provides all the functions necessary for active power factor correction and a second stage dc-to-dc converter all in one integrated circuit. The control IC uses leading edge modulation for the boost stage and trailing edge modulation for the step down converter to reduce the RMS current in the boost capacitor. The dc-to-dc controller uses peak current mode control for easy loop compensation. The UCC38500 evaluation board is designed to illustrate the performance of the IC in a complete off-line 100W two-stage power converter using power factor correction. The demonstration board was designed to operate with a universal input voltage range (i.e. 85-265 Vac) with a regulated 12V dc output.


  • Combines PFC and 2nd stage down converter controls
  • Controls boost preregulator to near-unity power factor
  • Accurate power limiting
  • Improved feedforward line regulation
  • Peak current mode control in second stage
  • Programmable oscillator
  • Leading edge/trailing edge modulation for reduced output ripple
  • Low startup supply current
  • Synchronized second stage with programmable soft-start
  • Programmable second stage shutdown

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