Serial Adapter RS-232 (Pololu Robotics and Electronics)

Наименование Serial Adapter RS-232
Производитель Pololu Robotics and Electronics(POLOLU)
Артикул 666478

Pololu 23201a Serial Adapter Fully Assembled(Адаптер последовательного порта RS-232) This deluxe serial port adapter (RS-232 adapter) converts logic-level signals to the higher voltages required for RS-232 and similar serial ports. Un

Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial (SPARKFUN)
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SparkFun Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial sku: BOB-00718 Переходник FT232RL - USB Serial

Multi USB/RS232/RS485/TTL Converter (DFROBOT)
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This is a multi protocol converter which provides USB, TTL, RS232 and RS485. It has two interfaces A and B. A Interface: USB, ATTL, A232 B Interface: BTTL, B232, B485 Tips: Multiplexer board is divided into A and B interfaces.…

RS232-TTL Converter (DFROBOT)
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DFROBOT RS232-TTL Converter (SKU: DFR0077) Этот адаптер позволяет преобразовать RS232-TTL . Подходит для использования с большинством микроконтроллеров…