TFDU4100-TR3 (Vishay Intertechnology Inc. )

Наименование TFDU4100-TR3
Производитель Vishay Intertechnology Inc. (VISHAY)
Артикул 62441
OBS Снято с производства


Data Rate115.2Kbps
Compatibility, IRDAUp to 115.2 kbits/s
Current, I LED DC100A
Current, I LED rp500mA
Current, ILIREDA Max0.5чA
Current, ILIREDA Min0.005чA
Current, Iqc Max1.3mA
Depth, External4mm
Length / Height, External9.7mm
Voltage, Vcc Max5.5V
Voltage, Vcc Min2.7V
Voltage, Vrxd Max0.5V
Voltage, Vrxd Min-0.5V
Voltage, Vtxd Max0.5V
Voltage, Vtxd Min-0.5V
Width, External4.7mm

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TRANSCEIVER, IRDA; Data Rate:115.2Kbps; Current, Supply:10mA; Voltage, Supply Max:6V; Distance, Communication Max:1m; Wavelength, Typ:900nm; Power Consumption, Standby:0.12W; Temperature, Operating Range:-30°C to +85°C; Current, I LED DC:80mA; Current, I LED rp:400mA; Temp, Op.…