DPA423R-TL (Power Integrations Inc. )

Наименование DPA423R-TL
Производитель Power Integrations Inc. (PI)
Артикул 44814
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Voltage, Input Max75V dc
Current, Output Max1.75A
Voltage, Output Max220V
Outputs, No. of1
Power Dissipation1.5W
Voltage, Supply Min16V dc
Voltage, Supply Max75V dc
Termination TypeThrough Hole
Case StyleTO-263-7C
Pins, No. of6
Temperature, Operating Range-40°C to +150°C
Temp, Op. Max150°C
Temp, Op. Min-40°C
Base Number423
Current, Drain300mA
Current, Drain Peak1.75A
IC Generic Number423
Logic Function Number423
Power Supply IC TypeDC / DC Converter
Power, Output of @ 230VAC16W
Resistance, Rds On1.30ohm
Temperature, Current25°C
Temperature, Resistance25°C
Voltage, Drain Peak Max220V
Voltage, Drain Peak Min-0.3V
Voltage, Output220V

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