AD7813YN (Analog Devices Inc. )

AD7813YN, Analog Devices Inc. AD7813YN, Analog Devices Inc.
Наименование AD7813YN
Производитель Analog Devices Inc. (AD)
Артикул 42428
Разрядность АЦП, бит
Количество каналов
Частота захвата сигнала
Цифровой интрефейс

8BIT ADC, S/P, 7813, DIP16

Channels, No. of8
Interface TypeParallel
Case StyleDIP
Pins, No. of16
Temperature, Operating Range-40°C to +105°C
A/D, D/A FeaturesCMOS, Internal Reference, Parallel O/P, Successive Approximation, Track and Hold
Base Number7813
Bits, No. of8
IC Generic Number7813
Linearity Error1%
Linearity Error, ADC/DAC +1LSB
Linearity Error, ADC/DAC -1LSB
Logic Function Number7813
Temp, Op. Max105°C
Temp, Op. Min-40°C
Time, Conversion2.3чs

AD7813YNZ (AD)
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8BIT ADC, S/P, 7813, DIP16; Resolution, Bits:10bit; Sampling Rate:400kSPS; Channels, No. of:8; Input Type:Single Ended; Interface Type:Parallel; Voltage, Supply Min:2.7V; Voltage, Supply Max:5.5V; Termination Type:Through Hole; Case Style:DIP; Pins, No.…