SN65HVD1780P (Texas Instruments)

Наименование SN65HVD1780P
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 390735
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70-V Fault-Protected RS-485 Transceiver 8-PDIP -40 to 105

Производитель: TI
Даташит для SN65HVD1780P, Texas Instruments
TLV1117-50CDCYR (TI)
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Single Output LDO, 800mA, Fixed and Adj., Internal Current limit, Thermal Overload Protection 4-SOT-223 0 to 125

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200mA, Low IQ, Low Dropout Regulator for Portables 5-SC70 -40 to 125

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Automotive Catalog EMC Optimized CAN Transceiver 8-SOIC -40 to 125

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200mA, Low IQ, Low Dropout Regulator for Portables 5-SC70 -40 to 125

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BUFFER/DRIVER/RECEIVER, SMD; Logic IC Function:Dual Schmitt Trigger Buffer; Logic IC Family:LVC; Logic IC Base Number:7417; Voltage, Supply Min:1.65V; Voltage, Supply Max:5.5V; Case Style:SOP; Temperature, Operating Range:-40°C to +85°C; Base Number:742G17; Pins, No.…

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Enhanced Product Octal Buffers And Line Drivers With 3-State Outputs 20-SOIC -40 to 125