REF5030IDGKT, REF5030 (Texas Instruments)

REF5030IDGKT, Texas Instruments
Наименование REF5030IDGKT
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 389786
Макс. входное напряжение
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Температурный коэффициент
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Low Noise, Very Low Drift, Precision VOLTAGE REFERENCE 8-VSSOP -40 to 125

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Семейство: REF5030 Low Noise, Very Low Drift, Precision Series Voltage Reference
VO(V) 3
Iout/Iz(Max)(mA) 10
Rating Catalog
Iq(Typ)(uA) 800
Pin/Package 8SOIC, 8VSSOP
Operating Temperature Range(C) -40 to 125
Iq(Max)(uA) 1000
Package Size mm2:W x L (PKG) : 8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC),8VSSOP: 15 mm2: 4.9 x 3(VSSOP)
LFN 0.1-10Hz(Typ)(?Vpp) 9
Vin(Min)(V) 3.2
Temp Coeff(Typ)(ppm/ degree C) 2.5
Temp Coeff(Max)(ppm/ degree C) 3
Vin(Max)(V) 18
Package Group SOIC,VSSOP
Initial Accuracy(Max)(%) 0.05
Special Features TRIM/NR pin
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