ADIS16251ACCZ (Analog Devices Inc. )

Наименование ADIS16251ACCZ
Производитель Analog Devices Inc. (AD)
Артикул 367639
OBS Снято с производства
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LS: Programmable Low Power Gyroscope

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The ADIS16IMU1/PCBZ is a breakout board for many of the ADIS16xxx IMU and gyroscope products. It provides a series of tapped M2x0.4mm machine screw holes to support direct-mounting with several different package styles, along with a 16-pin, dual-row, 2mm

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The ADIS16IMU4/PCBZ is a kit of components that simplifies the process of connecting ADIS16xxx IMU products to an embedded processor development platform or to the EVAL-ADIS evaluation system. This kit has four KEY components: interface board, stand-off,

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