MSP-TS430PN80USB, MSP430F5529 (Texas Instruments)

Наименование MSP-TS430PN80USB
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 355387
Разрядность, бит
Тип устройства
Производитель МК

The MSP-TS430PN80USB is a standalone 80-pin ZIF socket target board used to program and debug the MSP MCU in-system through the JTAG interface or the Spy Bi-Wire (2-wire JTAG) protocol.

Device Support: The MSP-TS430PN80USB development kit supports MSP430F551x and MSP430F552x MCUs in an 80-pin LQFP package (TI package code: PN).

The MSP-FET may be purchased independently or bundled with the target board(MSP-FET430U80USB).



  • Development board (MSP-TS430PN80USB) with a 80-pin ZIF socket fitting MSP MCUs in 80-pin TQFP (PN) packages includes an LED indicator, JTAG adapter, and header pin-outs for prototyping
  • Supports all debugging interfaces using a standard 14-pin JTAG header such as the MSP-FET
  • Additional Features:
    • What's Included
      • Development board with 80-pin QFP (PN) ZIF socket (MSP-TS430PN80USB)
      • Two - MSP430F5529IPN 16-Bit Ultra-Low-Power MCUs with 128KB Flash, 6KB RAM, 12-Bit ADC, 2 USCI, 32-bit HW Mult and DMA
      • There is also a USB connector included on the board

Support Software

  • MSP-EXP430F5529 Example Software and USB Drivers
  • MSP430F55xx C Examples (IAR and CCE)
  • MSP-EXP430F5529 Design Files