NA555D, NA555 (Texas Instruments)

Наименование NA555D
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 351294
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Precision Timers 8-SOIC -40 to 105

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Семейство: NA555 Precision Timers
Frequency(Max)(MHz) 0.1
Iq(Typ)(uA) 3000
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Special Features N/A
VCC(Max)(V) 16
Package Size mm2:W x L (PKG) : See datasheet (PDIP),8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC)
Operating Temperature Range(C) -40 to 105
VCC(Min)(V) 4.5
Package Group PDIP,SOIC
NA555DR (TI)
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Precision Timers 8-SOIC -40 to 105

SA555DT (ST)
Доступно 3700 шт. (под заказ)

Таймер интегральный - [SOIC-8-3.9]; Выходов: 1; F макс: 500 кГц; Технология: Bipolar; Ucc: 4.5...18 В; Icc: 6 мА; Траб: -40...105 °C

TMP100NA/250 (TI)
от 118,00 Склад (1-2 дн)

TEMPERATURE SENSOR; Sensor / Transducer Type:Temperature; Accuracy:3; Voltage, Supply Min:2.7V; Voltage, Supply Max:5.5V; Termination Type:SMD; Case Style:6-SOP; Pins, No. of:6; Temperature, Operating Range:-55 to 125