TPS54620EVM-374 (Texas Instruments)

Наименование TPS54620EVM-374
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 350465
Производитель компонента
Применение Power Management - Voltage Regulator
Комплект поставки Evaluation Module TPS54620, User Guide
Возможности Compensation Components are External to IC and External Divider for Adjustable Output Voltage
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ViewTPS54620EVM-374 The TPS54620EVM-374 evaluation module is designed to demonstrate the small printed-circuit-board areas that may be achieved when designing with the TPS54620 regulator. The TPS54620 dc/dc converter is designed to provide up to a 6A output. The TPS54620 implements a split input power rails with separate input voltage inputs for the power stage and control circuitry. The power stage input (PVIN) is rated for 1.6 V to 17 V while the control input (VIN) is rated for 4.5 to 17 V. The TPS54620EVM-374 provides both inputs but is designed and tested using the PVIN connected to VIN. Rated input voltage and output current range for the evaluation module are given in Table 1 of the Users Guide. The switching frequency is externally set at a nominal 480 kHz. The high-side and low-side MOSFETs are incorporated inside the TPS54620 package along with the gate drive circuitry. The low drain-to-source on resistance of the MOSFET allows the TPS54620 to achieve high efficiencies and helps keep the junction temperature low at high output currents. The compensation components are external to the integrated circuit (IC), and an external divider allows for an adjustable output voltage. Additionally, the TPS54620 provides adjustable slow start, tracking and undervoltage lockout inputs. The absolute maximum input voltage is 20V for the TPS54620EVM-374 evaluation module.



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