BC639 (Неизвестен)

Наименование BC639
Производитель Неизвестен(UNKNOWN)
Артикул 341144


Transistor TypeBipolar
Transistor PolarityPNP
Voltage, Vceo80V
Current, Ic Continuous a Max1.5A
Voltage, Vce Sat Max500mV
Power Dissipation0.83W
Hfe, Min40
ft, Typ180MHz
Case StyleTO-92
Termination TypeThrough Hole
Temperature, Operating Range-65°C to +150°C
Current, Ic @ Vce Sat500mA
Current, Ic Max1.5A
Current, Ic hFE500mA
Device MarkingBC639
Pin Configurationa
Pins, No. of3
Power, Ptot830mW
Transistors, No. of1
Voltage, Vcbo100V
ft, Min100MHz

BC639G (ONS)
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High Current NPN Bipolar Transistor, hFE 40 to 160