STM8/128-EV/TS (STMicroelectronics)

Наименование STM8/128-EV/TS
Производитель STMicroelectronics(ST)
Артикул 333692
Комплект поставки Eval Board STM8/128-EVAL, STM8Sxxx-TS1 Daughter Board
Возможности Provides an Eval Platform for RC Touch Sensing Technology for Implementation Using 5 Keys & 1 Slider
Производитель ЭК


The STM8S touch sensing evaluation kit (STM8/128-EV/TS) enables designers, who are familiar with standard STM8S microcontrollers, to create higher-end look-and-feel user interfaces by replacing conventional electromechanical switches with touch sensing controls. Designers can thus combine touch sensing functions with traditional MCU features such as communication, LED control, beeper, LCD control, and so on.

The kit contains an STM8/128-EVAL board, and an STM8S touch sensing evaluation daughterboard (STM8Sxxx-TS1) which provides an evaluation platform for the resistor-capacitor acquisition principle.

The touch sensing library is a complete, free source-code solution to transform any 8-bit STM8 microcontroller into a capacitive touchkey controller.


  • Evaluation kit composed of:
    • STM8/128-EVAL evaluation board
    • STM8Sxxx-TS1 daughterboard
  • Touch-sensing interface offering 5 touchkeys and 1 slider
  • LCD display to report touchkeys, slider status and parameters
  • Configurable operation: debounce, low-power mode duration, recalibration time-out, slider resolution.
  • Touch sensing library featuring:
    • RC acquisition principle
    • Supports up to 24 capacitive sensing touchkeys
    • Supports up to 2 capacitive sensing wheels or sliders using 5 or 8 channels
    • Supports of active shield
    • Low BOM with only 1 I/O per channel + 1 I/O to control the load resistor.
    • Up to 8-bit resolution wheel/slider using 8 channels
    • Advanced processing featuring: Autocalibration, Debounce filtering, Environment control system (ECS), Detection exclusion system
  • – Free C source code library
Демоплата  STM8S evaluation board with Touch Sensing solution evaluation