PXA270 DIMM MODULE BASIC, PXA270 (Voipac Technologies A.S.)

Производитель Voipac Technologies A.S.(VOIPAC)
Артикул 320903
Тип устройства
Производитель МК

Voipac PXA270 module is a SODIMM module based on the Intel XScale® PXA270 processor. It runs at up to 520 MHz and consumes as little as 800mW. The module delivers state of the art technology, targeting low power systems that still require high CPU performance. Central component of the module is the PXA270 Intel XScale® processor supporting Intel® Wireless MMX™ technology. Low power requirements of the Voipac PXA270 module are achieved by using advanced power manager integrated circuit, which allows to fully control all power domains. The Module is further equipped with SDRAM and FLASH memory chips, as well as an audio controller, 100Mbps ethernet controller full speed 12Mbps USB host and USB 2.0 OTG device functionality. Voipac PXA270 module can be supplied in a various processor and memory configurations. Wireless Intel Speedstep® Technology, which adjusts the CPU core voltage dynamically according to the CPU load, four low-power modes, together with flexible power manager integrated circuit enable to achieve excellent MIPS/mW performance for the Voipac PXA270 module. The entire 32 bit wide CPU bus together with available GPIO pins are available for custom extensions, such as special interfaces for high bandwidth applications.