PL2773 (Prolific Technology Inc.)

Наименование PL2773
Производитель Prolific Technology Inc.(PROLIFIC)
Артикул 3095900
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PL2773 USB3.0/eSATAII to SATAII Bridge Controller. The PL2773 is a single-chip SuperSpeed USB3.0 or eSATAII to SATAII compliant bridge controller that is designed to perform seamless protocol transfer between the USB3.0/eSATA and SATAII interface. The PL2773 is implemented according to the USB Mass Storage Class driver. It supports USB3.0 SuperSpeed with 5Gb/s bandwidth and eSATA with 3Gb/s bandwidth. SuperSpeed USB 3.0(5Gb/s) delivers ten times the performance of Hi-Speed USB 2.0(480Mb/s) while offering backward compatibility with the billions of USB-enabled PCs and peripheral devices. It is fully backward compatible to all USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hosts and operates under SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed, and Full-Speed USB connections. eSATA Mode has data bandwidth with 3Gbps and backward compatible with 1.5Gbps. The PL2773 also has an embedded high performance 8-bit microcontroller that can be used to support versatile system applications such as one button backup, power control, and other features for USB/eSATA port.
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