WF40CTYAQMNN0# (Winstar Display )

Наименование WF40CTYAQMNN0#
Производитель Winstar Display (WINSTAR)
Артикул 3041445
RND Рекомендуется для новых разработок
Диагональ, дюйм
Разрешение, пиксели
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WF40CTYAQMNN0 is a 3.97 inch IPS TFT-LCD display module; made of resolution 480 x 800 pixels. WF40C module supports MIPI DSI Serial interface (2 lanes), it featured with IPS panel which is having the advantages of wider viewing angle of Left:80 / Right:80 / Up:80 / Down:80 degree (typical), contrast ratio 720 (typical value), brightness 600 nits (typical value), Anti-Glare surface panel. This 3.97 inch MIPI LCD display is portrait mode; it integrated driver IC ST7701S on module, interface supply voltage range 2.8V to 3.3V. This TFT module can be operating at temperatures from -20 to +70; its storage temperatures range from -30 to +80.

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