7.5inch e-Paper [B] (Waveshare Electronics Ltd.)

Наименование 7.5inch e-Paper [B]
Производитель Waveshare Electronics Ltd.(WAVESHAR)
Артикул 2610625
Область отображения (Ш х В), мм
Разрешение x пикс
Размер модуля, мм
Тип дисплея
Тип интерфейса
Напряжение питания
Цвета дисплея
Формат символов

640x384, 7.5inch E-Ink raw display, three-color, SPI interface, without PCB This is an E-Ink raw display, 7.5inch, 640x384 resolution, with embedded controller, communicating via SPI interface, supports red, black, and white three-color display. Due to the advantages like ultra low power consumption, wide viewing angle, clear display without electricity, it is an ideal choice for applications such as shelf label, industrial instrument, and so on. Features No backlight, keeps displaying last content for a long time even when power down Ultra low power consumption, basically power is only required for refreshing Comes with development resources and manual (driver board schematic, examples for Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32) Specifications Operating voltage: 3.3V Interface: 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI Outline dimension: 170.2mm ? 111.2mm ? 1.18mm Display size: 163.2mm ? 97.92mm Dot pitch: 0.255 ? 0.255 Resolution: 640 ? 384 Display color: red, black, white Grey level: 2 Full refresh time: 31s Refresh power: 38mW(typ.) Standby power: <0.017mW Viewing angle: >170°

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