TPS3825-33DBVRG4, TPS3825 (Texas Instruments)

Наименование TPS3825-33DBVRG4
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 245255
Мин. напряжение
Макс. температура
Ток питания

Processor Supervisory Circuits 5-SOT-23 -40 to 85

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Семейство: TPS3825 Voltage Monitor with Manual Reset
Time Delay(ms) 200
Operating Temperature Range(C) -40 to 85
Package Group SOT-23
Rating Catalog
Package Size mm2:W x L (PKG) : 5SOT-23: 8 mm2: 2.8 x 2.9(SOT-23)
Iq(Typ)(uA) 15
# of Supplies Monitored 1
Output Driver Type / Reset Output Active-high,Active-low,Push-pull
Monitored Voltage 1 (typ)(Nom)(V) 3.3,5
Watchdog Timer WDI(sec) None
VCC(Min)(V) 1.1
VCC(Max)(V) 5.5
Special Features Active Low Enable,Manual Reset
Reset Threshold Accuracy(%) 2.4
Threshold Voltage 1(Typ)(V) 2.93,4.55
Производитель: TI
Ultra-Small Supply Voltage Supervisors (Rev. E)
Производитель: TI
Timer (Rev. K)
TPS3825-33DBVR (TI)
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TPS3825-33DBVT (TI)
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SUPERVISORY CIRCUIT, 3825, SOT-23-5; Voltage, Turn On Threshold:2.93V; Current, Supply:15чA; Reset Type:Active-High / Active-Low; Current, Output Max:5mA; Power Dissipation:437mW; Voltage, Supply Min:1.1V; Voltage, Supply Max:5.5V; Termination Type:SMD; Case Style:SOT-23; Pins, No.…

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IC, VOLTAGE REGULATOR; Voltage Regulator Type:LDO Fixed Positive; Voltage, Input Max:5.5V; Voltage, Output Max:3.3V; Current, Output Max:200mA; Voltage, Dropout:120mV; Accuracy, Percentage:2%; Outputs, No.…

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4-Channel ESD Protection Array for High-Speed Data Interfaces 6-SON -40 to 85

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15W Filter-Free Class D Stereo Amplifier with SpeakerGuardВ™ (TPA3110) 28-HTSSOP -40 to 85

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Linear Voltage Regulator IC; Voltage Regulator Type:Adjustable LDO Linear; Input Voltage Primary Max:5.5V; Output Voltage Max:5.5V; Output Current Max:600mA; Dropout Voltage, Vdo:40mV; Voltage Tolerance +:1%; No. of Outputs:1

MSP430F2132IPW (TI)
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