MC1488PG (On Semiconductor)

MC1488PG, On Semiconductor MC1488PG, On Semiconductor
Наименование MC1488PG
Производитель On Semiconductor(ONS)
Артикул 238469
OBS Снято с производства
Количество каналов
Количество передатчиков


Driver IC TypeLine
Interface TypeEIA232D
Drivers, No. of4
Voltage, Supply Min8.1V
Voltage, Supply Max9.9V
Termination TypeThrough Hole
Case StyleDIP
Pins, No. of14
Temperature, Operating Range0°C to +75°C
Temp, Op. Max75°C
Temp, Op. Min0°C
Base Number1488
IC Generic Number1488
Logic Function Number1488
Voltage, Output Max10.5V
Channels, No. of4
Line/Bus Driver/Receiver/Transceiver TypeQuad RS232
Time, Propagation Delay350ns

SN75188N (TI)
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LINE DRIVER QUAD RS232, 75188, DIP; Driver IC Type:Line; Interface Type:RS-232; Drivers, No. of:4; Voltage, Supply Min:7.5V; Voltage, Supply Max:15V; Termination Type:Through Hole; Case Style:DIP; Pins, No.…

MC1488P (ONS)
Доступно 6735 шт. (под заказ)

LINE DRIVER RS232 QUAD, 1488, DIP14; Driver IC Type:Line; Interface Type:RS-232; Drivers, No. of:4; Case Style:DIP; Pins, No. of:14; Temperature, Operating Range:0°C to +75°C; Temp, Op.…