D-LED-B-GEVK, NCV78763 (On Semiconductor)

Наименование D-LED-B-GEVK
Производитель On Semiconductor(ONS)
Артикул 2283258
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The Dual LED Ballast Shield Evaluation Board utilizes the NCV78763, a single chip, highly efficient smart power ballast and dual LED driver designed for high current LEDs that provides the complete solution to drive two strings up to 60 V, by means of two internal independent buck switch channel outputs with the PCA9655E to provide 16 bits of General Purpose parallel Input and Output (GPIO) expansion through the I2C-bus and SMBus. Due to the SPI programmability, one single hardware setup can support multiple system configurations for a flexible platform solution approach.

Power Supply needed:
Демоплата  Dual LED Ballast Shield Evaluation Board
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