LM2676SX-ADJ, LM2676 (Texas Instruments)

LM2676SX-ADJ, Texas Instruments LM2676SX-ADJ, Texas Instruments LM2676SX-ADJ, Texas Instruments
Наименование LM2676SX-ADJ
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 223888
NRND Не рекомендовано для новых разработок
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SIMPLE SWITCHER® 8V to 40V, 3A Low Component Count Step-Down Regulator 7-DDPAK/TO-263 -40 to 125

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Семейство: LM2676 SIMPLE SWITCHER® 8V to 40V, 3A Low Component Count Step-Down Regulator
Vout(Max)(V) 37
Vin(Min)(V) 8
Iq(Typ)(mA) 4.2
Rating Catalog
Operating Temperature Range(C) -40 to 125
Switching Frequency(Max)(kHz) 260
Vout(Min)(V) 1.23
Type Converter
Regulated Outputs(#) 1
Package Group DDPAK/TO-263,TO-220,VSON
Control Mode Voltage Mode
Special Features Enable
Duty Cycle(Max)(%) 91
Switching Frequency(Min)(kHz) 260
Vin(Max)(V) 40
Iout(Max)(A) 3
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DC/DC Converter IC; Voltage Regulator Type:Buck Switching; Input Voltage Primary Max:40V; Output Voltage Max:37V; Output Current Max:3A; Voltage Tolerance +:0.02%; Switching Frequency Max:260kHz; Supply Voltage Min:8V

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