MC14503BCP (On Semiconductor)

Наименование MC14503BCP
Производитель On Semiconductor(ONS)
Артикул 22160

4000 CMOS, 4503, DIP16, 15V

Logic IC FunctionHex Non-Inverting Buffer (3-State)
Logic IC Family4000 CMOS
Logic IC Base Number4503
Voltage, Supply Min3V
Voltage, Supply Max15V
Case StyleDIP
Temperature, Operating Range-55°C to +125°C
Base Number14503
Device Marking4503
Gates, No. of6
IC Generic Number4503
Inputs, No. of1
Logic Function Number4503
Pins, No. of16
Temp, Op. Max125°C
Temp, Op. Min-55°C
Voltage, Supply15V

CD4503BF (TI)
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CD4503BE (TI)
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BUFFER/DRIVER/RECEIVER; Logic IC Function:Hex Non-Inverting Buffer with 3-State Output; Logic IC Family:CD4000; Logic IC Base Number:4503; Voltage, Supply Min:3V; Voltage, Supply Max:18V; Case Style:DIP; Temperature, Operating Range:-55°C to +125°C; Base Number:4503; Pins, No.…

CD4503BF3A (TI)
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