2.8" USB TFT Touch Display Screen for Raspberry Pi (DFRobot)

Наименование 2.8" USB TFT Touch Display Screen for Raspberry Pi
Производитель DFRobot(DFROBOT)
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In recent years, computing terminals have expanded exponentially from desktop to portable handheld devices. We have witnessed the rapid development of these devices. Complex operating systems being ported to tiny embedded hardware like Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, routers with openWRT, etc. Those devices that has managed to become compact and easy to carry have being wide spread products and majority of them are on the Ghz level of processing power. Like PCs but with a compact system and considerable computing resources, it has become the solution for various enthusiasts. Many open source hardware vendors have being dreaming for this solution for quite some time. However, some interactions for these embedded solutions still need bulky HDMI monitors or TVs for use or even debugging. In order to allow these devices have some portability and economize power at the same time, this portable USB monitor with touch screen (RPUSBDisp) is created. It is designed specifically for embedded designs with business card size and it just requires a USB cable to make it work without additional power supply. Supported Hardware Platforms Supports any computing devices with USB Host communication functionality to act as a standard display or touch screen devices. You just need to add the corresponding driver. For the majority of embedded devices supporting Linux OS, we offer open source kernel driver and several OS images that you can try. Download the sources and adapt it to your project, or directly download the image and try it on any of the supported platforms: SPECIFICATION Display Resolution: 320?240 Color Depth: 16bpp Screen Size: 2.8 inch Communication: USB2.0 Full-Speed USB Interface Specifications: Micro-USB Touch Screen: Resistive Single Point Size: length 74mm, width 60mm Weight: 50g

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (RASPBERR)
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